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scott evans illustration blog

Here is my new website up and running.


These are some screen shots of my cargo website.

At last here are the final images for the interactive book.  The following images show how the user unfolds the book at each stage revealing the narrative.

Now that i have my cargo website up and running i have added the website on the back of the bookmark.  I have chosen the idea of using a bookmark instead of a typical business card is because it promotes my work to a wider audience and is more useful for someone to pick up instead of just a simple piece of card that they keep in there wallets and will eventually throw out.

further progression with the three dimensional gift card.

These are the final prints ready for my portfolio, the bottom piece is a 3-D on screen piece that i’m still trying to fit the illustration onto.

These are the on screen outlines for the box that the books qaurterly will sit inside.  This has taken some time trying to develop them out into a three dimensional shape, thinking about where each section needs to be placed on screen and the page ready to be printed out and then assembled.  The image on the left shows the outlines of the product while on the right is the same image but with the illustration that will be printed on the reverse.  The reason for this mainly to make it easier when cutting out and assembling the parts.